experience-xd-darkrideWHAT IS XD DARK RIDE?

Virtual reality at its best! The Internationally award winning XD DARK RIDE immerses you behind a massive curved silver screen. A world first to blend a competitive interactive and reactive game into a dynamic motion ride. Grab the worlds fastest targeting lasers and defend yourself in a haunted house infested with zombies, menacing aliens in a subway or robot cowboy outlaws in the Wild West. GAME ON!

experience-whoFOR WHO?

Fantastic fun for almost everyone the XD DARKRIDE offers a range of themes to suit fun lovers aged 5 to 75. CHECK OUT THE THRILL METER РYOU CHOOSE!

experience-how-longHOW LONG?

There are a range of popular Combos and most customers enjoy 3 or 4 rides which you should allow 20 to 30 minutes to complete.This attraction is very busy during school holiday periods or on rainy or windy days. There can be a 10 to 20 minute wait during these times. Avoid the crowds and come in on those sunny day evenings!!
BONUS DEAL: Most customers purchase a combo and enjoy half price rides for the next 5 days. Return anytime and try another theme or beat your previous score.


Most unlikely with the XD advantage! XD means accurate dynamic motion, in other words this world first breakthrough technology has your motion direction matching your visual experience. In a nutshell this effectively eliminates motion sickness, you can now experience the thrill without any annoying side effects! GAME ON!